Commencement Ceremony of Class 2017 IPEM

 "Pharmaceutical Industry is the Career for Men of Integrity"
Commencement of Class 2017, Peking University International Pharmaceutical Engineering Management (IPEM)
Master’s Degree Program

The commencement of Class 2017 of the International Pharmaceutical Engineering Management (IPEM) Program was held at Peking University on July 8, 2017.

Mr. Nicholas Buhaythe architect of the IPEM curriculum system and member of the Teaching Steering Committee, chaired the commencement. Dr. Zhili Sun, Party Secretary of College of Engineering, Peking University, Dr. Ping Xu, Party Secretary of Peking University School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Mr.Wei Zhang, Secretary General of Chinese Pharmacopoeia Commission, Dr. Lane Christensen, Assistant Country Director, FDA China Office, Dr. Gang Wang, Principal Scientist of CDE, CFDA, and Mr. Xiaodong Zheng, Chairman of Shanghai Tofflon Sci &Tech Co., Ltd., guests from home and abroad, IPEM teaching faculty, students and their families, attended the ceremony.

Dr. Zhili Sun,
Secretary-General Wei Zhang, and Dr. Lane Christensen gave speeches respectively. In his speech, Mr. Sun Zhili, citing the instructions of General Secretary Xi and Premier Li on the pharmaceutical regulation and pharmaceutical industry development, hoped IPEM program and graduate students to keep striving to contribute to the development of pharmaceutical development in China. He expressed sincere thanks to the supports from CFDA, FDA, the industry, and so on. In his speech, the Secretary-General Wei Zhang congratulated the successful development of the IPEM program and graduating students. He reviewed the contributions of IPEM program in the teaching and research in the field of quality and safety of pharmaceutical products in collaboration with domestic and foreign regulatory agencies and universities, as well as well-known pharmaceutical companies to improve the knowledge structure of the employees and scientific regulatory capacity in the regulatory agency in China. Mr. Zhang praised the contributions of IPEM program in the fundamental improvement of pharmaceutical quality management by QbD and training of globally competitive talents in the relevant areas. In his speech, Dr. Christensen described the graduation as a milestone in the careers of the graduating students, he made a metaphor with climbing the Great Wall, encouraging the students to keep studying, keep learning, and keep climbing, to lead the development of the pharmaceutical industry and regulatory agencies.

Ms. Liang Wang, Ms. Lei Cao and Mr. Junling Wang were awarded outstanding graduates. Ms. Wang gave speech on behalf of graduating students. She expressed their memories to the main creator of the IPEM project, the late Prof. Xiaocheng Gu, and swore to pass the spirit of Prof Gu by applying the knowledge to practical use.

Mr. Xiaodong Zheng, Chairman of
Shanghai Tofflon Sci &Tech Co., Ltd., gave the key note speech titled Pharmaceutical Industry is the Career for Men of Integrity. He started from his own connection with the IPEM program and believed that the vision of IPEM influenced his own growth and career. It was IPEM program that helped him to open the international vision, learning many advanced concepts and tools in pharmaceutical industry, which helped him build the right logic frame for pharmaceutical manufacturing science and successfully expand his business by continuous innovation, continuous improvement to provide quality pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment to the industry. By citing Warren Buffett’s remarks on success, “true success comes from working for a purpose greater than your own well-being. The most important takeaway is that you should always try to be a good person,Mr. Zheng encouraged all IPEM students to encourage each other and help each other, to pass on the business feelings and good qualities of men of integrity for the well-being of mankind, and to become the backbone of the development of the pharmaceutical industry in China.

Dr. Zhili Sun and Dr. Ping Xu awarded degree to the 42 graduating students in the commencement.